Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Visit From Home

Grammy, Greatie, and Granddad drove down to visit from Virginia. Unfortunately, Brendan was still not feeling his best and was a bit cranky. In addition to not sleeping. This made for a very tired mommy. A mommy who was so tired she didn't take pictures at every opportunity. But we did get a few.

Reading with Greatie was short-lived. Makayla told Greatie that she wanted to read to "her daughter" because she would tell her the words.

I told him he better not let Grammy get ALL of his sugar.

I'm glad they got to see the girls while they were here. They certainly do liven things up. The girls loved the visit, too. I think they both ended up with brand new wardrobes. And Makayla came home from the grocery store with Grammy and Greatie brandishing a Teen Dream magazine, announcing that Justin Bieber was in it. I have no idea who Justin Bieber is. Anyway, she suckered Greatie into buying it by telling her she had been waiting for it since she was four. She'll be 8 in November.

Brendan was up super early every day. Makayla makes her first appearance shortly after he gets up.

Greatie made friends with Kody while she was here.

And Brendan got his first taste of jelly-filled donut.

And I found out that he loves cantaloupe.

He loves to play. When we bought this toy, we ended up with the floor model. Unbeknownst to us, the flowers were broken and Brendan could easily pull them off. Daddy fixed them, but Brendan remembers the days when he could pull them off and chew on them. He continues to try.

Makayla was trying to draw a portrait of Brendan. She wasn't successful.

When the cats got tired of company, here is where they ended up.
In our closet on a pile of dirty sheets.

We're working on learning to crawl, which means more time spent on the tummy.
And Sophie supervises the progress.

This cube makes a crinkle noise, and for some reason Brendan found it hilarious.

Daddy is teaching him to work the remote.
Also hilarious.

Brendan loves Montel Williams. Seriously.
He is mesmerized every time his commercial comes on. I couldn't figure out why. And then Friday it hit me. Mr. Kerry, from daycare, also has a bald head, and he spends time playing with the babies every day. That has to be it.

Just hanging out with Dad on a Friday night.

He now has complete control over holding his own bottle.

Brendan got yogurt for the first time this week.
I don't think he was impressed with the first bite. But he gave it a chance, and it ended up being a hit.

Who doesn't love a naked baby???

Or a sleeping one?


  1. Those pictures with Makayla? With his head propped on his little hands? ADORABLE!

  2. I love all of these pics girl! And I am going to say it again: he looks a bit like Austin when he was a baby! I am going to find some pics & send them to you so you can make a comparison. I think it is the eyes & nose! SERIOUSLY!!!