Monday, November 28, 2011

Sorry To Disappoint....

...but there are very few photos from our long weekend.

Tom and Brendan played outside all Thanksgiving morning so that I could cook (and clean) in peace.

I took absolutely no pictures of our Thanksgiving meal.  Although it was good, I don't know that it was photo worthy.  I cooked the giblets inside the turkey.  FYI - it still tasted fine.  And I was so busy taking pictures of Brendan on his tricycle that I burned the green beans.

Brendan enjoyed this pumpkin pastry that our neighbor made.

 I ended up sick so we stayed pretty close to home most of the weekend.
I don't think Sophie likes that.

Skyping with the girls was the highlight of Tom's Thanksgiving.

And now it's back to normal.... Have a great week!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Hedo Point

Yesterday we went for a drive. Our destination was Hedo Point, at the northern tip of the island.

We had to hold on tight to this fella because it was a long way down.

Playground/beach photos just for fun.

Yay for a short week!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

We went to the zoo this weekend.  Our first stop was to ride these cars.
I had to cram myself into the sidecar.
This kid looked so serious that I had to take his photo.
We wisely decided to eat lunch before heading to the petting zoo.  Brendan ate enough soba that Daddy decided he deserved a kakigori.

He wasn't too sure what to do with this guinea pig.
He figured it out when I told him to be gentle.

He was fine with shaking this guy's hand.
But he had zero interest in giving him a hug.

Feeding the fish is probably our favorite part.

Monday, November 14, 2011

We started our long weekend with a trip to Xystus Kids Land.

This boy is serious about his playing.
But I think this boy had just as much fun.
Or maybe not.

We had lunch at an Italian restaurant.  In Brendan's opinion, the cream puffs were the best.

He has to be just like Daddy.
He's serious about vacuuming, too.

We drove to Maeda Point this weekend, just to check it out.

I found this guy just hanging out on the sidewalk.

More to come from the rest of our weekend!