Sunday, March 13, 2011


Just briefly, our family has been untouched by the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan on Friday. Okinawa is so far south from the mainland that we felt nothing. We were under a tsunami warning Friday evening. Since our house is right on the sea wall, we evacuated for a few hours. By the time we went to bed the warning had been reduced to an advisory.

 The people of mainland Japan have been in our thoughts and prayers.


It was a fun-filled, action-packed weekend. We went non-stop. In fact, it was such a busy weekend that it's 9:00 Monday morning and Brendan is still asleep.

Saturday morning we got up and drove to Pineapple Park in Nago.

I was so excited to go here because I had heard about the free samples.

Admission is 500 yen ($6) per person. They put you on a pineapple cart and send you through the fields.

There is an audio guide (in English!) which we enjoyed, but I wish I had paid a bit more attention.

They took our picture, which we purchased at the end of our ride.

Are we the only dummies who had no idea how pineapples grow?

Look how tiny!!

Brendan is into copying lately. If you cough, he'll do a fake cough and then grin. He saw his dad and me kiss and guess what he did.

Kissy Face! I love those little lips.

Then we got to the good part.

The winery!

Which meant wine tasting!

This one was our favorite. It is a pineapple and grape blend, 15% alcohol. We bought a bottle.

There was a lemon wine (we bought that, too) and sparkling pineapple wine. Tom wasn't a fan of sparkling but I was!

Don't worry - it's just pineapple juice!

And then it was on to the really good samples of pineapple sweets!

We bought:  two bottles of wine, a bottle of pineapple vinegar (for salads!), dried pineapple, pineapple chocolate (!), and pineapple chocolate chinsuko, which is basically a cookie covered in pineapple chocolate.

I think Tom ate an entire pineapple worth of samples.

There is an ice cream stand on the way out. Most people hit it up but we were ready for some real food. I did see this sign and had to snap a quick picture.

What's your favorite fravor?

Overall consensus was that we enjoyed the pineapple park, but it is kind of a tourist trap. We'll probably do some Christmas shopping there. I'm a little disappointed that you can't just go to the shop and buy the products. You have to pay admission first. But I think we both agreed that we would go again.

We left Pineapple Park and went to the Butterfly Garden. This time admission was 400 yen.

Just photos....

That's a graveyard!!

He was dancing. That made me laugh so hard.

He hates shoes. He takes them off every chance he gets.

And he's really not sure what to think of strangers.


Sunday morning we headed to Naha. We were looking for a farmer's market but settled on Kokusai Street.

Heiwa Street branches off of Kokusai Street.

Apparently, you serve yourself.

Pig's feet, anyone?

We were ultimately looking for the fish market. And we definitely found it.

I don't know about you, but this really made me ready for lunch.


So, apparently, you purchase your meat or seafood and then take it upstairs and one of the restaurants will cook it for you.

You only live once, right?

We chose two big prawns. A couple weeks ago we went on a date to a Japanese Steak House. Tom got steak and prawn. He said that prawn was one of the best things he ever put in his mouth.

I can sum this prawn up in one word....

Do you two know how many toys you could have gotten for what you paid for that "lunch"?

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  1. Again!!! I am laughing! hahaha.

    Note: I love the "Erin Jones" signature on the botom of your pictures!

    The flower & butterfly pics are AWESOME!!!! And I love Brendan as a fairy. hahahah.