Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Typhoon Bolaven

Typhoon Bolaven rolled into town this weekend, cooping us up inside for two days straight.  At least it had the courtesy to last through Monday, getting us out of work.
In anticipation of being stuck in the house, we went bowling Saturday evening.


Drying his hand like a professional.
We ate dinner at the bowling alley.  Brendan had his first chicken wing.  Tom said, "Does he know how to eat that thing?
I think he got the idea.  The bones made me a little nervous, but I watched him closely.
And then we spent the next two days enjoying each other's company inside the house, without power the second day.
There were more suitcase races...
I pulled them BOTH!

...some Eskimo kisses...

...some wrestling matches...

...lots of snuggles...

 ...a little dress-up...
...some tower building...
...and tearing down (the fun part!)...

...just a little coloring...

...several rounds of Hi Ho Cherry-O (his first board game!!!)...

...and just a little movie watching.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Home Entertainment

We laid pretty low this past weekend.  Tom had to work a few hours both days.

We're down to one car, so Brendan and I dropped him off and then ran some errands.  When we got home he wanted "cupcorn."

Why isn't it doing anything, Mom?

I think I see something!

There it is!!!

He wanted the baby seat out again.  I believe his exact words were, "Get my seat out of the closet."

Sunday after church he decided to sprawl out in the middle of the kitchen while I made lunch...eating his snack of choice, black olives.  Yuck.

I don't want to dump out a bunch of pantry ingredients, so I decided to put my flour to good use and make some cookies.  Of course, he was eager to help and even more eager to eat them.

And he wanted more "cupcorn."  Although this time he lost interest after we popped it.

After nap we decided to head to a new playground that I heard about.
Always has to be just like Dad.


Most slides don't slide very well.  Every once in a while we find a fast one.  I think this one shocked him.

I don't think there are drop slides in the U.S.  It's a pity because Brendan loves them.

I do not like them, although I did go down once just to say I did.

He saw some little boys trying to run UP the slide and he had to see if he could do it.  Thanks to his recent Marine PT regimen, he was successful.

 We had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants.  We ate Japanese style.  It was Brendan's first time not strapped into his booster seat.

And he ate with chopsticks!

He even ate this spring roll thing that had some kind of seafood in it.

Looks like there's a typhoon rolling in this weekend.  I hope it holds out until Monday so we can do something fun.  After all, our time here is very limited!