Sunday, June 10, 2012

Long Time Coming

It has been several months since Brendan has been sick.  I should have known that it would be his turn soon.  May seems to be a rough month for him.  Last May, while his dad was gone, we were at the ER twice.  He almost made it through the whole month this year, but on the 31st we were back.  When we checked in (at 10 p.m.) we were told there has been an outbreak of Whooping Cough and they gave us a mask for him to wear.  I laughed.  You want a two-year-old to wear a mask?  Yeah right.

He got a chest X-ray, some oral meds, and a breathing treatment.  We left the ER at 1:30 a.m. with an inhaler and a worn out kid.  Thankfully, no Whooping Cough (thanks, vaccines!).  He fell asleep immediately once I put him back in his bed.  It was a rough week....although from these photos you can't tell it.


He stayed at home with me for the better part of a week.

Because of his eczema, when I give him a bath it lasts approximately 5 minutes.  I don't even put the stopper in the tub.  I think he prefers bath time with Daddy.

He hardly ate for DAYS.  One thing he would eat?  Bacon.

After a few days, he was finally allowed to briefly go outside.


We hope it's several more months before he gets sick again!

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