Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Random Catch Up

Brendan was invited to two birthday parties a couple weeks ago.  Both were for girls.  He's already a ladies man.  At the first one there was a face painter.  I hope I remember to try and get her for his third birthday because she was awesome.  I knew he wouldn't sit still to let her paint on his face, but when I saw her draw a flaming soccer ball on another kid's arm, I figured we could give it a shot.

His request?  A train, of course.

Yuki told us she had never done a train before.  We think she did a great job!

He was pretty proud of it.

One day last week the kids went "camping" at daycare and invited parents.  The idea was to set up tents on the playground, but it was too hot so they switched it to inside instead.  Brendan likes to read Little Critter's "Just Me and My Dad," which is about a father/son camping trip.  He knew exactly what the tent was for and I heard about his excitement from one of the other teachers as I headed down the hall to his class.  He wouldn't be still long enough for me to get any decent pictures of him, although I had to take turns taking close-ups of all the other kids (and showing them their picture on the screen).

All the boys went fishing at the water table.

Last Saturday we headed to American Village to have dinner.  We got there much later than usual, but Peanut behaved really well.  He was good all through dinner, even though we didn't even sit down to eat until 7:30, his usual bedtime.

He got a balloon on our way in.

He popped it in less than a minute.

Sunday after nap and before dinner we decided to go bowling.  It's a big hit, but Brendan only likes it when it's his turn so I don't even bother playing.  Next time I don't think Tom will either.  I think he bowled three frames before he gave up and let Brendan take all his turns.

He was serious about his bowling.

Videos here and here.

His new favorite game is hide and seek.  But when he hides and you say, "Brendan, where are you?"  he usually jumps up, points to himself and says, "Right there!"  He doesn't quite get it yet, but we still think it's fun.

Happy Fourth of July!

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  1. Now THAT's a camping trip I think my sister can handle!!