Thursday, November 1, 2012


After a quick dinner (Brendan ate just grapes), we headed out to trick or treat.  We had been talking it up all day.

Practicing going "ding dong."

Let's rock & roll, dude!

He inspected each piece after he got it, and he usually shoved it at me and said, "Open it, Mommy!"  He even sat down in the middle of the sidewalk several times to "have a snack."

Every time I see Dots I think of his Auntie Carrie.

The loot!

And of course, he woke up this morning asking to trick or treat again!

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  1. That second picture is so insanely cute! Love, love!! And I still enjoy Dots. I tried to get Will to pick them anytime someone invited him to choose his own candy from their bowl. XO!