Sunday, August 14, 2011

Vacation Recap, Part III

We broke up our trip by heading to Kentucky for a few days to visit Tom's mom. They have a big fish pond in their backyard.

We loved it. Although, I'm sure I would not love having to take care of it.

Before dinner one night Grandpa Jim introduced Brendan to a fountain he could splash in. So I took off his clothes and let him go to town.
And that counted as his bath for the day.

Thanks, Grandpa.

We did more swimming. Of course.

We had an extremely successful dinner out at a nice restaurant.
Totally didn't notice that lipstick(!) until I got home and saw this picture.

Extremely successful.
Her exact words were:  "These shoes really do fit me! Can I wear them?"

Perfect fit.

Good thing we enjoyed it because when we tried to go out again, it was a big, fat fail.

We spent plenty of time just hanging out.
Brendan had never met his Aunt Whitney before!

And really hanging out.

And we were there to spend Grandma's birthday with her.

And we definitely can't leave out this little cutie.

They got into Alia's mom's makeup.

Grandma and Grandpa's niece is the same age as Kirsten. She stopped by one night and they were fast friends. Well, actually, they're BFFs. And they had to get the matching bracelets and t-shirts to prove it.

In honor of Grandma's birthday, we were treated to a choreographed dance show.

It was priceless. And a birthday Grandma won't soon forget.

The last leg of our trip was a few quiet days spent back in Virginia. We had to return the girls and get ready for our big trip home. And we got to see Uncle Adam!

And that concludes our trip back home. We've been back for about two and a half weeks and are back in our normal routine. Brendan got sick again as soon as he went back to daycare, and then he passed it to both of us. Life as normal!

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