Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Vacation Recap Part I

We spent three weeks in the States and got to see quite a bit of family. Since I gained two more kids I didn't have as much time to take photos, but here's a long post of the ones I did get.

We hung out around the house....

Teaching Greatie how to use the ipad.

We spent some time at the pool....


Bless her heart. She hadn't seen him since he was 10 months old and she was expecting to see a baby. She was a little disappointed that he no longer wants to be carried around on her hip.

Our baby goes off the diving board.

They argued over who got to sit beside Greatie. So she sat in the middle. Ha!

We bowled....

Fort Lee has an awesome family deal. For $25 you get a large pizza, four sodas, four shoe rentals, and four family members can bowl two games each. We love a good deal.

This is what Brendan thought of bowling.

When you say, "Honk!" he grabs your nose. Hard.

We went to Maymont....

Makayla joined a class field trip in their game of Duck, Duck, Goose at the park.

I was holding my breath for one of them to "accidentally on purpose" fall in that water. Thank goodness neither did.

More to come!!

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