Monday, September 12, 2011

Family Land

We bought a lot of stuff while we were in the States. Too much stuff to fit in our suitcase to bring back. I packed up two boxes and Mom mailed them to us a few days after we left. I JUST got them last week. I had packed up new clothes for Brendan and I was worried they would be too small when I finally picked up the boxes. They aren't. This blue onesie was in one of the boxes. It matches his shoes perfectly. Unfortunately, he was too excited to "go" and wouldn't let me get a good picture of him.

Saturday morning the three of us had a surprisingly relaxing breakfast out. Breakfast is one of Brendan's best meals, and he especially loves pancakes. We took him to the BX to get his hair cut and to pick up a couple of things. We've been researching a "big boy" car seat and we found the one we wanted. Unfortunately, when I tried to order it they wouldn't ship to our address. Lo and behold, on Saturday the BX had the exact seat we wanted.
Those big things that look like Dumbo ears? They're full of air to cushion him in case we crash.

He is now forward facing and seems pretty excited about it.

This time of year makes me miss home and the four seasons. Although I love Okinawa, Fall is my favorite season and I haven't lived anywhere that has a Fall in several years. So we made the best of the still hot and humid weather and headed to Family Land, an indoor playground.

Family Land is much cheaper than Round 1. You pay in 15 minute increments instead of 90. This worked out great for us since Brendan was scared of a lot of the things there.

He wanted no part of this thing. And I think he was a little uneasy about Dad being in it.

Video games were all included.  
We were racing armadillos.

And he plays a serious game of air hockey.

He was a little nervous about getting in here with all those balloons flying around.

He just needed me to show him what to do.

Remember I said he likes his new car seat?
Rough life.

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