Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Tom and I were both off of work Friday. We needed some adult time together, and although it was kind of hard for us to do, we took this guy to daycare so we could hang out alone.

We had planned on snorkeling, but the water was too rough so we headed to Yomitan Pottery Village (my idea) instead. Tom was breathless with anticipation.

The first thing we saw was glass blowing. I could have watched and watched.

They were scurrying around so fast I was worried that they would burn each other, but it was like a well choreographed dance and they each knew their part.

The glass was beautiful, albeit expensive. According to an article that was displayed in the shop, they use recycled glass and that's why their pieces have the bubbles. Bubbles used to be considered flaws but this particular artisan considers them artistic. I agree.

The village is full of pottery shops and workshops. This guy is a true expert.

There was pottery drying all over the place.

We made a few purchases and decided it was time to go. It was boiling hot. Little did we know it was Black Flag while we were out there.

The rest of the weekend was family time. Tom found a great water park. No photos from there this time. I decided I wanted to focus on my family instead of focusing on photographing them.

We went to the playground every evening.

This slide is pretty big for such a little boy. I thought he would be scared and want me to slide down with him. I was wrong.

We think we're doing something special by taking him to a big jungle gym. We must not know our son very well. He's much happier doing this.

And of course, since we're there, we walk down to the water.

Yesterday we went to the zoo. We mainly go for the petting zoo and the Wonder Museum, which is indoors and has A/C.

Baby goats are my favorite.

Brendan had so much fun that he laid on Daddy and went right to sleep!

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  1. Cute pictures! Love the black and white pic of Brendan at the playground. So glad you and Tom had a great day to yourselves :)