Monday, December 12, 2011

Breakfast Buffet...with Santa!

Sunday morning I woke Tom up and told him to get ready...we were going to eat breakfast with Santa.  We sat very close to Santa, and Brendan watched him all through breakfast.  He kept talking about him, too.  Oddly enough, Brendan's "Santa" comes out "Caca."

After we ate we got into the relatively short line, and Brendan seemed like he really did want to go see him. 

And then it was our turn.

He was having none of it.

So we backed up for a minute and tried again.

Still not having it.

For the record, Santa looked better than this in person.

I posted this picture on Facebook and my brother said it looks like Santa has had too much eggnog.

Once we got out of arm's reach of the jolly old man, Brendan was interested again.

Maybe next year will be our year for a smiling Santa picture.  So far, we're 0 for 2.

He did, however, enjoy another trip to Xystus Kids Land.

He came to blows with a big kid over this baby toy.

Daddy had a good time making paper airplanes.

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