Friday, December 30, 2011

Top 11 of 2011

Brendan's daycare teachers have been telling me that he's ready to move to the next room. The room for big kids. And I've been telling them no way. Then I dropped him off one morning this week, and the three kids who were already there are still-crawling-barely-walking-still-look-like-babies. And my big boy looked out of place.

Linking up with Courtney, Amber, and Sarah.... Here are my top 11 photos of 2011, the year my baby turned into a little boy.

Of course, I can't leave his sisters out.

Welcome, 2012!


  1. oh those pictures are too sweet! happy new year!

  2. His curls.....I miss them, but he def. looks more like a little boy and still totally adorable.

    Thanks for sharing your family with us.

  3. Such awesome photos. Looks like a great year. You caught some fun family memories.

  4. Totally love the pictures! He's so cute!

    We're in that same boat - Mason will be moving to the next room next month and I'm SO not ready because he looks so tiny compared to all those kids, but on the other hand, he's now 5+ months older than most kids in his current room, which is like a decade in adult years LOL

  5. He is so adorable! It's so tough when they keep growing up :O) I just love the one of him by the sea wall and at the aquarium! Wow! Great capture!! He is just too darling and those eyes...are you kidding me? Thanks for linking up with us!

  6. Wow. Amazing how much things can change in a year. Keep up the great pics!

  7. love these!He has grown up so much in just one short year!