Saturday, February 18, 2012

Before & After

We went to Guam for a week.  That post is in the works.  This blog has been on the back burner since we got back because I've been stuck in Panem.  I'm still working on the Guam photos, but in the mean time, here are some from before and after our trip.

I took these the day before we left Okinawa.
The biggest slide we have ever been down, and I hear there is an even bigger one nearby.

I think we were both afraid for him to go down on his own.

After a couple of trips down the slide, or maybe I should say up all those stairs, we decided to head to the park in our old neighborhood.

We miss Daddy, but it has been good to get back into our regular routine.  We went back to the park today, but it was so cold and windy (high of 57*, but don't laugh - our blood is thin) that we didn't stay very long.

We ran a few errands.  He got a new pack of crayons, which were promptly taken away when he refused to stop spitting.  I wonder what other bad habits he'll pick up from the older kids in his new class.

After our nap, we baked brownies.
It was the first time he has helped make anything other than tea or oatmeal.
And they were vegan, so I had no qualms about letting him lick the bowl.

It was a great day with my best buddy!

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  1. Ahhhh! I've been wondering about you. Can't believe you've been back for a whole week already! Hope it was fun! That slide is insane. Love Brendan's little hoodie. XO