Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Guam Is the Bomb

Brendan and I took our first Space A flight to Guam to visit Tom on his month long TDY.  Space A is a free flight on whatever military aircraft happens to be flying to whichever destination you choose, and has seats available.  It's free, but it's kind of a pain since there is no guarantee that you will get on the flight you choose.  You have to lug all your stuff to the terminal, just like if you're flying commercial, but you may or may not get a seat.  If not, you lug all of your stuff back out of the terminal and try again later.  Like I said, it's a pain.

Lucky for us, we got out on the first try.  I intended to just stay for about 4-5 days, depending on when we could catch a return flight.  We ended up staying flying out Sunday and flying back home Saturday.  Here are some of the highlights from our trip.

He is very clingy and easily scared lately.  He refused to ride on the horse, and the attendant wouldn't let me ride on it with him.  I could only stand next to him, and that wasn't close enough for Brendan.  So we rode on the bench instead.  It was thrilling.

Don't worry, Grammy.  This wasn't a real shooting game.  The object was to shoot peanuts into the animals' mouths.

He rode his first roller coaster.
He didn't love it.

This trip was work for Tom.  Fortunately, he was off for Superbowl Monday so we go to spend that day together as a family.  The rest of the days were just me and Peanut until Dad got home from work.

We spent one morning at the beach.

His favorite thing to do at the beach was play with this water bottle.  Go figure.

A nice, albeit strange, man saw me taking pictures of Brendan and asked if I would like him to take some of the two of us.  I handed him my camera and told him if he could just take one, that would be great.  His response:  "I used to be a professional photographer.  I'll take lots."  I was a little nervous.

I got a dozen photos that look pretty much like this one.  I think that he thought that turning the camera like this
made him a professional.  Who knows.

His other favorite feature at the beach:  spraying himself off in the "shower."

And he loved the hot tub, but the only photos of that are on Tom's underwater camera.

We spent one afternoon together at Chuck E. Cheese.

Have you ever spent $10 of tokens on a two-year-old?  It's exhausting.

But it was fun, for the most part.
Lounging in the hotel bed, snacking on some Goldfish.

We spent one morning at the aquarium.  We got there when they opened, so we pretty much had the run of the place.

And of course, we had some dinners out with Dad.

Dad was impressed when he saw that Brendan knows his colors.
The best part of every night was play time on the beach!

Now the two of us are back home in our normal routine, just waiting for Dad to get home. One more week!


  1. Looks like you guys had a great time! Love B's Hawaiian shirts :) I had no idea what Guam even looked like, so I was asking Mike, "Is it tropical or something?" Wish we could've been at the beach with you!

  2. Did he enjoy the roller coaster as much as you and I did the Scooby Doo the first time with Mom and Dad? LOL