Monday, August 13, 2012

Around the House: Typhoon Edition

We often look forward to typhoons around here simply because as long as it hits during the week, it's an unplanned day off of work.

That means it's an unplanned day of no daycare as well.  And we have to figure out how to entertain our two-year-old all day.  Inside the house.

Sometimes there end up being suitcase races.

We pulled the old baby seat out of a closet.  Somebody was pretty excited about it.

We've been watching Ice Age non-stop since we took him to see the new one at the theater.  So we bought the second one on itunes, popped some popcorn, and settled in for "movie afternoon."

Putting stickers on his car.  And see his skin?  That's why we're moving back to the States in a month.

Disclaimer:  I'm not sure who did, but I definitely did not put his shorts on like that.

Since we found out we're moving in a month, we figured we better see our friends as much as possible.  This little cutie came over to play after breakfast this weekend.

She got a little sick in the car and borrowed one of Brendan's old onesies.  Even in boy clothes she's still a beauty.

I think they both had a blast.  Brendan woke up from his nap talking about her.

The rest of our big news is that Tom graduated from the SNCO Academy...for Marines!

He did an awesome job and we are so proud of him!

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