Friday, August 17, 2012

Ie Island Mini Vacation

Got a few minutes?  This is a long one....

This summer has been very busy for us.  There were literally about three days that we were able to take off together all summer long.  We used them last week to take a mini vacation to Ie Island.

We thought the ferry was going to be closed so we canceled our trip.  Tom called to double check and found out it was running.  We threw our stuff together and hit the road.  Brendan was excited about riding the boat.  And as soon as we boarded and saw the snack counter he had to have a treat.

Trying to get his sea legs.

The water was rough because of the after effects of last week's typhoon.  I thought a quick 30-minute ferry ride wouldn't bother me at all.  I was wrong.  I couldn't wait to get off that boat.

The resort sends someone to pick you up at the ferry and it's a 5 minute bus or shuttle ride to the hotel.  Brendan was even more excited to ride the bus than the boat.  The bus stayed parked in front of the hotel so for two days straight every time he saw it we heard, "I RIDE THE BUS AGAIN!"

We checked in, dropped our stuff in our room, and headed to the pool.

The "resort" definitely isn't the American definition of the word.  When we pulled up to it, some teenagers riding with us asked their parents, "So where's the hotel?"  It was small, but it was very nice.

I thought all kids loved the pool, but Brendan definitely doesn't.  He loves the water, but he prefers to just splash in it.

We headed down to the beach just to check it out.

It was perfect.  We were the only ones there.

I love this picture.  Clearly, Tom took it because I would have moved that piece of trash!

Although he much preferred running on the beach to relaxing in the pool, he was a big fan of the hot tub...which he called "bath tub."

They may have been a bit shorter than normal, but we did manage to get in a nap both days.

Sleeping baby toddler pictures make my heart happy.

We took a taxi on a sightseeing tour.

He thought he was a big shot riding in the taxi.

And unless we were doing what HE wanted to do, this is what we dealt with.

This cave was used to shelter islanders during the war.

And supposedly if a woman lifts this stone, she'll have a baby soon.  I was told to stay as far away from it as possible.

We have enough trouble handling him!

Brendan thought the road was a train track.

We climbed to the top of this mountain.  Thank goodness it was an overcast day.


It was a fun trip!  I'm glad we got to see Ie Island, but I was also glad to get home and back to our routine...for a few weeks anyway before we pack it all up and move out!

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