Monday, November 7, 2011

Can you tell me how to get.... to get to Sesame Street?
Big week for us last week.  After work Friday we got to see Sesame Street Live, thanks to the USO.

These two sort of stole the show for me. I couldn't get over how sweet he was.
We managed to snag front row seats to maximize interaction.
Brendan loved it.

Switching gears.... The Kadena Special Olympics was Saturday.  Apparently, they were serious when they said "rain or shine." 

It wasn't bad at first when the athletes arrived.  A lot of them were still able to run in while we all applauded.

And then it got worse and worse.  The opening ceremony had to be moved to the gym due to lightning, which meant the parade was a no-go.  And all the balloons that were supposed to be released into the sky?  The few that survived were released inside the gym.
We ate lunch in the gym and I enjoyed watching the wheelchair dancing.

I spent the day with this guy, who though cute as a button, was mean as a snake.  I thought he was hilarious.  You had to watch your food around him.  He helped himself to my Cheetos (after he ate his own two bags), and later I saw him swipe someone's half-eaten hot dog, and someone else's chips.  He's precious.
Even though the rain made for a pretty miserable day, I think everyone tried to make the best of it.

Short week this week.  Enjoy!

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  1. That's awesome that y'all got to have front row seats! Sounds like a great weekend!