Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I left work early Friday so I could see Brendan in the Annual Paper Bag Parade. Remember the Hat Parade from this spring?
This is the only picture I got of him in his costume.

He was more interested in riding in the buggy, which had his dad and me flabbergasted since we have to wrangle him into his own stroller.

Moving on.

Saturday we stumbled upon some family event on base so we stopped by. They had a bouncy house, but it was full of big kids and we were all afraid Brendan would get trampled. He monopolized this tricycle that was supposed to be part of an obstacle course.

Eventually, we decided to wrestle him, kicking and screaming, into his car seat so we could drive down the road to the playground.

There is a short path by the playground that you can hike up to see the Hospital Cave.

I was a little disappointed because it was padlocked. I thought you would be able to go inside, at least a little bit. It is very sobering to think that this cave is what was used as a hospital. It is difficult to imagine.

Daddy getting neck sugar.

Sunday morning we headed back to Kurashiki Dam for another picnic. This time I brought a change of clothes and let Brendan go to town in the water.

He is so independent, and he hates to hold hands. He must have been afraid he would fall down in that cold water because he sure held on tight.

He threw rocks for about an hour straight.

He is a natural climber. He amazes us (and scares us) with his coordination.

Enjoy the rest of the week!

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  1. You guys are always busy! Cute pics. Love Brendan's outfit in the paper bag parade (??). XO