Monday, January 16, 2012

We Moved!

We've been MIA lately because we've been so busy MOVING!  We moved from off base to on base, and although we were pretty ticked about the circumstances that caused our move, it could not have worked out any better.  Sometimes I hate people who tell you "everything always happens for a reason," but in this situation, it's true.  We love just about everything about our new house.

Brendan loves our new blinds.

I have a feeling we'll be paying for a few of those when we leave here.

We moved into a neighborhood on base that we didn't even know existed until they offered us this house.  It's at the top of a huge hill and we can actually see off base when we look out our windows. 

Some of the things we love about our new house:

There is a playground in our cul-de-sac. 
There is more than one electrical outlet per room.
The kitchen has so much cabinet space that I don't even have enough stuff to fill it.
There's a pantry!
There's a garbage disposal!
It takes me 6 minutes to get to daycare.
There's no mismatched wallpaper.

We even have a carport, which means my back no longer gets soaked while I buckle Brendan into his car seat.  And the peace and quiet is phenomenal.

We really enjoyed our time off base, and we miss a few things about it, especially our neighbors, but we are so happy to be where we are now.


This weekend we headed to Nago to go to the Neo Park Zoo.

It. Was. Awful.  Disgusting isn't even the word.  It was pitiful. And stinky.  And depressing.  I refused to take pictures of the animals (beside the birds).

The first "exhibit" is a sort of aviary where you can feed the birds.  These big guys made me nervous because they'd creep up behind you.

I let Brendan feed them from the safety of his stroller and I was afraid they would realize he had food and peck him.  Thankfully, they didn't.  We had to walk, and wheel the stroller, through bird poop.  It was awful.  Tom was convinced we would all end up with the bird flu.

The place was a big ripoff.  You had to pay admission, and we also bought tickets for the train.  Then we got to the petting zoo (if you could call it that), and you had to pay admission to that, too.  We would have had to pay for both Tom and me, but Brendan was free.  That made no sense to me since we would have been going in order to let him feed the animals.  So we skipped it.  Then we got to the monkeys, but you had to pay to see them, too.  So we skipped that as well.  At that point, we were both ready to hit the road.

We did end up taking the train ride, since we had already paid for it.   By then Brendan was ready for his nap, so Daddy got some good snuggles.  The day wasn't a total bust - these are two of my all time favorite pictures of my boys.

He rallied when he saw these things.

Today dawned cold and rainy.  Our boy does not do well inside the house all day.  It makes all three of us miserable.  So off to the play land we went.

Daddy tried to go down the slide backwards.  I heard a big thump and turned around to see this:

Shootin' some hoops with Mom.

Hopefully it won't be two weeks before I post again.  Somebody is having a birthday party this weekend!


  1. I can realate to the lack of cabinet space, no pantry or garbage disposal (something I missed TERRIBLY in Germany). Love your hair in these last pictures and LOVE LOVE the pics of Tom and Brendan- awesome.

  2. Glad to hear the move went smoothly! And it looks like y'all have been able to be out and about having some fun! Love the pics you shared!