Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weekend On Our Own

It was our first two days without Dad since last spring.  We miss him.  But we made the best of it.

Friday night it poured down rain so everything was soggy Saturday.  Even though it was a beautiful day, we headed to the indoor playground while the sun dried the outdoor stuff.  I didn't take the camera, which didn't matter much anyway since Brendan wouldn't do much of anything unless I did it with him.  After about an hour he kept telling me "eat, eat" so we left to go get some lunch.  We headed to the Chinese restaurant we used to go to all the time.  As soon as we walked inside he started yelling "NO!"  I have no idea what his problem was, but we definitely couldn't eat there.  We left.  And went to McDonald's.  And all was right in Brendan's world.

After his nap it was still pretty out, so we got out his bike.

This is as far as we got....which is right in front of our house.

We ditched the bike and walked to the playground.  Our new favorite game is jumping over the cracks together.

He wouldn't do much playing on the equipment.  There was another kid there and lately he'd rather watch what everyone else is doing than play.

He did find a wayward piece of sidewalk chalk, and he had a good time with it until he threw it in the trash can and I wouldn't let him dig it out.  Then it was time to head home.

This morning we were out of the house bright and go to church.  We tried a new church, and we both seemed to like it.  We'll try again next week, and then we'll see if Dad likes it when he gets home.

We bought some groceries, and had some lunch.  Brendan likes Subway, but he doesn't like his sandwich.  He doesn't eat much bread, unless it's in the form of a cinnamon raisin bagel.  He doesn't really like lunch meat either.  Or cheese.  He ate baked Doritos and yogurt.  Together.  As in, he dipped his nacho doritos into his yogurt.  Yuck.  But better for him than chicken nuggets.  FYI - he ate a hamburger at McDonald's yesterday, never chicken nuggets.

He took a long, glorious nap, and then we headed out to play.  I cooked lasagna so we just went to the little playground by our house while it was in the oven.  We had more success with the bike today.

I've learned that I'm not always a big fan of other people's kids.  I like all kids, for the most part, but sometimes I'd prefer to just be around my own.  Especially when other kids are being bossy at the playground.  And really especially when their parents aren't at the playground with them.  Tom's fix for that is to tell him he hears their mom calling.  I haven't progressed to that point yet, but I was close today.

We still had a good time.

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  1. Wow you guys had a great weekend! I miss you and cant wait to see you. Its awesome knowing that when Im gone you take such good care of the little man:) You guys are the best Love daddy