Monday, December 24, 2012

Let It Snow!

I can't remember the last time I posted.  Two weeks ago?  Maybe three?  We have some catching up to do.
Brendan got his first at home haircut.

I hated it.  However, that was a couple weeks ago and after a few days I got used to it.  We had to straighten it up a few times, but overall Dad did ok.  I am excited to try out those new clippers on Tom's hair.  *Wink*
I think everyone knows that he had tubes put in his ears again.  Thank goodness I trusted my instincts.  Tom comes to a lot of his doctor's appointments, but when we went on our first ENT referral I took him by myself.  She is an Air Force doctor and I didn't like what she had to say.  Mainly, I didn't like the fact that she thought he needed to suffer through THREE more ear infections before putting tubes in again.  That called for a second opinion, who said the fluid in his ears was affecting his hearing and he needed the tubes as soon as we were ready to put them in.  Surgery was scheduled for the next week.  It was more traumatic for me than it was for him.


I read an article recently about remembering the "lasts" instead of the "firsts." Here's an example: He bowls a ball and then exclaims, "I got a stripe!" Today he began saying "strike" properly. And while I'm proud for every single tiny little thing he learns, it makes my heart ache to watch him grow so quickly.
Probably my absolute favorite thing to do with him is read stories before bed. Every once in a while he will get in trouble and lose story time. That is punishment for me just as much as for him. I asked Tom to sometimes come snap a picture of us, because I'm already dreading the day he no longer wants to read with me.

So, we got our first snow. The weather forecast used words like "white out" and "blizzard." Tom and I just KNEW we would be off of work Thursday. No such luck. All we got was a 2-hour delay. This boy had never seen snow before and I was determined to let him play in it. So I ended up with a 3-hour delay and we headed out to play.



 Merry Christmas! 

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