Thursday, December 6, 2012

Santa Visit

We are quickly getting ready for Christmas around here.
I wish I would be able to wrap some gifts and put them under the tree before Christmas, but I know Brendan will just open them and ruin the surprises.
Last weekend we headed across town to Scheels for Santa's arrival.

There he is!

I wish it hadn't been so rainy and dreary, but it wasn't freezing so I'll take it.

'Round these parts, if you don't have a chimney Santa rappels down the side of your house.


We thought it was pretty cool.
 Hot chocolate mustache.
Since he already got his picture taken with Santa we didn't wait in the huge line for that.

He got a letter from Santa in the mail.

He wasn't interested at all and threw it on the floor.
He's not one of those kids who likes to play quietly on his own.  He wants you to play WITH him, even if that means just sitting next to him.  When I caught him quietly playing choo choos by himself I had to snap a picture.

He woke up reeeally grouchy from his nap, which is completely unusual.  He wanted to be next to me on the couch.  Then I asked, "Do you need me to hold you like a baby?"  He said yes and climbed right into my lap.  It was a little slice of heaven.


Until I made the mistake of eating one of his goldfish crackers and then he thought I was the wicked witch of the west.
At that point the only thing that cheered him up was getting to sit in the washing machine.
NOT safe.  (Tom's idea)
Happy Friday!

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  1. In my defense I unplugged the washer first!