Wednesday, November 24, 2010


One of our favorite days in Virginia was the day we spent in Colonial Williamsburg. Just for kicks, we also stopped by Christopher Newport University so that I could see how much it has changed in the six years since I graduated. We were in a rush to get back on the road so we only stopped for a minute but I was in awe of how the school has grown. The tiny, little known school now actually looks like a thriving university.

And then we made it to our final destination. Tom was starving so we got sandwiches from the Cheese Shop. He said they alone were worth the trip. We had no real plans. Brendan simply enjoys being out and about and watching everything that goes on. I enjoyed the fall scenery. This far south we don't get a fall. At all. It's been three years since I have gotten to see trees change color. I forgot what it looks like when the colored leaves cover the ground.

We ended up in the middle of a series of re-enactments. We were told that instead of shouting "Hooray!" the colonists shouted "Hoozah!"

While they played their music, Brendan decided to dance a jig.


Brendan saw dogs for the first time. He wasn't impressed when they were sitting nicely. But when they jumped and barked he laughed hysterically. Unfortunately, I couldn't hold onto him and get pictures at the same time. But I did get pictures of his first experience up close and personal with a horse.

And on our way to the car we happened upon a shop named just for Brendan.

So, of course we had to get his picture.

Family photos from our trip to follow. But it may take a few days.



  1. I love visiting the 'Burg. But note the correct spelling of 'Huzzah.' :-) Sorry, you know I can't resist!

  2. lol to Adam! Y'all are always correcting someone's must get that from your mom...DEFINITELY! (did I spell it right this time? lol).

    I love these pics Erin. You are a great photographer. I cannot wait to see pics from Japan! Hugs to all of you.