Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Off We Go...

...into the wild blue yonder!

While at home in Virginia for two weeks, Tom and I decided to take the baby and head towards the Hampton Roads area. Our main destination was Colonial Williamsburg. Brendan was asleep so we passed Williamsburg and headed to Langley AFB to visit the air park and, well, to visit a prettier base.

There will be more pictures later. At the moment, Brendan is asleep and I am going to take full advantage of it. He no longer sleeps through the night so I am in dire need of a nap.


  1. Great pictures, and cute baby! I use to live in Hampton... about 4 years ago. I was alway going to Langley for shopping and the doctors. My third son was born on Langley AFB :)

  2. I have never visited Langley AFB. Hmm, you've got me interested....maybe I will throw Lauren in the car & take her there in the spring. :) It looks pretty cool....maybe she will enjoy it.