Monday, December 6, 2010

An Unconventional Thanksgiving

Since we're getting ready to move, we decided to spend this Thanksgiving having a good time with the girls. Anheuser Busch gives military and their immediate families free admission to one of their parks each year. This year we chose Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.

The highlight of Makayla's day? Getting her face painted.

They got this done while Kirsten and I rode the Sheikra, my favorite ride of the day.

The highlight of Brendan's day was getting to see the Sesame Street show.

Before we left the park we decided he needed a souvenir. Tom held up a Grover and a Cookie Monster. Brendan went with Cookie Monster.

The only ride Brendan got to ride was the carousel. For future reference, little kids must have shoes and socks to ride rides. We had neither but we snuck on the carousel.

Brendan loves french fries.

The park had more people than we expected for Thanksgiving Day, but we were able to ride pretty much anything we wanted without much of a wait.

Like the log flume three times in a row.

We had Thanksgiving dinner at Cracker Barrel. No clean up - it was great. Friday we spent the day at the Florida Aquarium.

Brendan loves fish, so he had a good time.

Can you tell?
Notice Cookie Monster riding with him.

You can tell simply from pictures that Makayla beats to the sound of her own drum. We love her for it.

By this point Brendan had seen all the fish he cared to see.

We thoroughly enjoyed the playground at the aquarium. If we had had bathing suits with us, the kids could have played in the water. Unforunately, we had to skip that part.

This is Brendan's friend Avery, who plopped down beside him and would not budge until it started to rain. The two of them were pleased to meet each other. Makayla was not so impressed.

He showed off for her by pulling up on this eel.

When we got home Makayla was sitting with me while I put our pictures on the computer. We got to this last one and she said, "You need to exit that picture." Think she's a little jealous?

We spent this past weekend in Florida with the girls. It was our last weekend until the summer. Pictures to follow!


  1. Attention Brendan's future girlfriends: Watch out for Makayla!
    What a fun weekend. Loved seeing all the pics! I know those girls are going to miss that boy like crazy!

  2. So what type of camera do you use again? I can never get aquarium pics to turn out & yours are awesome!

    The kids are so adorable. The girls are beautiful! Lauren misses them and is not happy that she won't be able to see them for a good while now that y'all will be in Japan.

    Love you much!