Tuesday, February 8, 2011


This is what he does every morning when he wakes up. I took this a couple weeks ago and forgot to post it.

And we took this one night last week. It's my favorite sound in the world. It's mostly for sound effects since he was too busy watching his dad to look at the camera.


  1. Great videos, Erin! Keep the camera rolling as much as possible. You'll be glad you did as the years pass by.

  2. That's great Erin. Ok, so the 1st one, it seems to me like he likes to jump! hahaha. Austin used to do that too.

    The 2nd one, his laugh is soo cute. Lauren used to cackle like that when she was chasing us around the kitchen in her walker! I wish I had gotten it on video. :( Oh well. I have my memories.