Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I Forgot

I totally forgot to post these few pictures from around this house this month.

Tom and Brendan went for a walk along the sea wall one morning. Tom spotted a shell that he just had to have. He waited until the water receded and then he made his move.
And then the water made its move and a wave washed right over him. Poor thing had to walk home freezing.

I love it when he's nice and clean after a bath. I love it when he has that tongue stuck out. I love his shirt, too.

I bought this phone when he was six months old and I JUST realized that it's missing the zero.

He hates the baby gate. When I cook dinner he stands and yells until I pick him up. Sometimes I end up cooking with one hand while he's perched on my hip.

One of my all time favorites. Enough said.


  1. Jackson screams when I try to cook dinner too. . .what is WITH that?

  2. Great picture in the UK blanket.

  3. so funny that you didn't notice that 0 until now! :)

  4. lol girl! Tell Tom he should NOT go swimming for shells until it is warm & he is in his swimsuit. haha.

    Lauren used to run me over with her walker in the kitchen giving me a devlish laugh the whole time. We all learned to jump & move fast to get out of her way....ouch!!