Monday, June 27, 2011

Big Boy

We had planned on a quick weekend getaway this weekend, but then we found out we were going to get the outer effects of a typhoon so we canceled and stayed home.

Friday afternoon I got off work early to attend a going away cookout. It was a family affair so I picked Brendan up and we headed over. Pretty sweet deal.

Saturday we went to Round 1. We took Tom's new camera so I didn't have to lug my big Nikon around that place. He gets the photo credit. I'll share the ones that don't have his thumb in them.

When it wasn't raining we went for walks.

We decided that Brendan's hair needed another good trim. Good thing we did since this morning someone asked me if I had my daughter with me at the going away. I think he totally looks like a boy, even with his curls, but there will be no mistaking it now. If anyone thinks he's a girl now, they need to have their eyes adjusted.

Lock up your daughters, 'cause this handsome boy is heading to the States next week!

Happy Monday...'Night!

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