Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Weekend

Tom decided that he wanted to start his Father's Day weekend off right. By taking Brendan to Toys R Us.
Please excuse the Cheez-It encrusted shirt.

He had a ball playing in the store. We were in there for close to two hours. No, we did not buy this electric contraption. We did get a Caterpillar dump truck and a wooden bead maze toy, along with some water shoes and a pair of shades. Shades that he refuses to keep on his face. But his favorite toy? A hula hoop. Tom knows how to fling a hula hoop like a boomerang. He had kids lined up along the aisle in Toys R Us while he was playing with that thing. Brendan was right up front, laughing his little head off.

This morning we let Daddy sleep in and then we got ready to go to brunch on base.

We had big plans for this luau outfit. Last weekend was the summer luau for my work. I was really looking forward to going. We stopped by the grocery store that morning to pick up a few things. Brendan pitched a fit when I put him in the cart. It's not unusual for him to get upset and hold his breath for a bit. However, he got so upset that he held his breath and passed out. Scared us to death. We didn't know what happened. Needless to say, we skipped the luau and went to the hospital. He's fine. Apparently, unbeknownst to us, breath holding is fairly normal behavior for toddlers. We're told he'll outgrow it. We're hoping that was an isolated incident. Anyway, we pulled out the luau outfit for today instead.

Brunch this morning was not so great. Brendan was not a pleasant meal partner. And what did he get for misbehaving? A trip to the playground.

He had a good time. Mommy doesn't usually climb with him.

This afternoon Tom got his underwater camera. Of course, he had to go try it out. Here's what he got.

Happy Father's Day!

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  1. Great underwater pics!! Congrats to Tom on the cool underwater camera!

    I've heard of toddlers holding their breath until they pass out. Neither of my kids did it. Of course, they probably knew deep down that I'd pop their butts for it and that would definately make them catch a breath. haha. Oh well.