Sunday, June 12, 2011

It Was Time

I put it off and put it off, but it was finally time for a haircut.

It was traumatic.
For both of us. This lady did a fantastic job, especially considering what she had to work with.

There was another mom in there who understood my pain. Tom was talking to her in the middle of Brendan's tantrum. She said her son did the same thing when he got his cut for the first time. And she said he did it for three years. I certainly hope that's not the case for us.

Afterwards, a little playground time was in order.

Whenever we discussed a haircut, I'd get teary-eyed and tell Tom I just couldn't bear to cut the curls off. He kept telling me that they wouldn't all be gone. He was right. He could stand for it to be a little shorter, but we're pretty happy. He looks like such a big boy.

He can now go down the slide all by himself.

By the way, this is the view from the playground.

For months we've asked him where his nose is. He refuses to show us, even though we're sure he knows. However, he'll show us his belly button any time we ask.

Good night from our big boy!


  1. Congrats on such a big milestone! :) Eli's hair was so shaggy he had to have his first at 9 months. He did fine the first few, and when he got to about 15 months he freaked out for the next few. It really didn't last that long though, and once he was about 2, he just knew he had to sit still. (they have mini dvds the kids can watch and kid friendly chair) You could always bring your own little dvd though and put in some Super Why. A distraction might help :) Great job mom!! It's always hard to watch your child unhappy!

  2. He is so precious, love that he still has curls and I think the shorter hair makes those adorable blue eyes look even bigger. Cute Cute Cute!!!! Atleast we can be sure he does not have Williams Disease, (its an illness where people are friendly with everyone and always happy. They have no fears which is not always a good thing) Just saw a 20/20 episode on this very odd disease. Give him a big hug and kiss for me.