Saturday, June 4, 2011


Tom is snorkeling and Brendan is asleep so I now have a chance to post these zoo pictures from last weekend. I better hurry. We mostly just went for the petting zoo.

When you buy a pass they give you five free tickets to the Wonder Museum. We hadn't been in there yet so we decided to check it out. Brendan had a big time.

All three of us had a good time, and we kept talking about how much the girls would like it there.

One of the workers was so sweet. He kept following us around to show us how different exhibits worked.

A lot of things were too advanced for him, but we can only imagine how much fun he'll have here when he's a little bigger. It's three floors of stuff for just kids.

The place has child size bathrooms, complete with tiny toilets, sinks, and urinals. And it even has a nursing room.

After dinner that night I gave Brendan a little treat. These mini ice cream cone candies are 3/100 yen and I let him have one. They're hard to explain. It's some type of candy that melts in your mouth. He obviously liked it.

Next weekend is the summer luau at my work. Here's Brendan's outfit.

There's one word to describe this boy.
NAUGHTY. He climbed up there by himself.

No matter how naughty he is, his daddy sure does miss him all day.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I agree with Brendan. The ice cream cone things are really good.

  2. That last one is a great one of him looking at the camera and smiling! :)