Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Another Rainy Weekend

I love to be the first one up in the mornings, even on Saturdays.  That first 30 minutes or so to drink my coffee in peace is priceless.  This Saturday I drank my coffee and started searching for something to do that didn't involve the outdoors (it was raining) or the indoor playground (I'm tired of it).  Thanks to, which is like the island's own Google, I found the Gala Salt Factory.  And off we went.

It's free to walk around and "tour the facilities."  The facilities portion was kind of a letdown.  There was this museum, which constituted one room, and there was a room you could look into where salt was being made. 
The highlight of our trip was probably spotting this picture on the wall...
...and realizing Tom was in it!

Just kidding.  The highlight of the day was getting to make our own salt.

He lost interest before it was done, so I packaged it up myself.

The boys did come back to try a cracker with our freshly made salt.

We ate lunch and then opted to visit the coral farm that is next to the salt factory and to take a walk along the water.

We had a blast on Sunday as well, but I forgot to put the battery back in my camera so there are no photos.  Oops.

Side note:  I went to a jewelry party last week and left the boys on their own.  I walked in the front door to find this waiting for me.

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