Friday, April 6, 2012

Month of the Military Child

April is Month of the Military Child.  Brendan's CDC has an activity of some sort planned for most days of this month.  Friday was "Bring a Parent to the CDC Day."  So at 2:00, I showed up.

I spent some time reading books and playing with the kids.  Brendan didn't pay much attention to me until he saw another little boy sitting on my lap.  Daddy showed up just in time for us to go outside.

I stop by a lot to peek at him through the window, but it was fun to get to hang out for a while and see what things are usually like in his room.  When it's time to go outside, they all sit on the carpet next to the door.  The teacher opens the door and tells each child individually that he or she can go outside.  When each name is called, it's like that kid has been shot out of a cannon, and Brendan was no exception.

There were only a handful of parents on the playground, and a lot of kids were interested in us.
Can you tell?

They bring kids from each class out to the playground so they get to interact with other children.  I don't know the boy on the left, but the one next to Brendan is in his class.  He tells everything he knows.  If he spots me peeking through the window he taps Brendan, points at the door and says, "Brendan! Your mommy!"  He gives me away on a regular basis.

Happy Weekend!  It's off to an Easter egg hunt for us!

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