Tuesday, May 29, 2012

All Aboard!

In case I haven't mentioned it before, Brendan's favorite thing is a choo choo.  He puts his Percy choo choo to "night night" on his bookshelf each night, and the first thing he talks about when he wakes up is playing with a choo choo.  He takes choo choos with us in the car, most of his favorite books are about choo choos, and he plays choo choo games on my phone.

Tom ordered him an electric Thomas the train a few weeks ago.  He started to second guess himself because it's technically a toy for bigger kids, so we canceled the order and ordered him a wooden toddler train set instead.  Well, somehow didn't accept the cancellation and the other day we got BOTH sets in the mail.

I guess it was just meant to be.

He is only allowed to play with the electric one under strict supervision.  And even then he often gets into big trouble with it.

He is allowed to work the controls, but he's not supposed to touch the cars themselves....which, for a two-year-old, is like asking him not to breathe.

When the train is put up, he stands at the closet and begs, "Other one! Out!"


On the other hand, the wooden train set stays out most of the time.  And I'm pretty sure it's about the only toy he has played with since he got it.

Coincidentally, these Thomas jammies arrived in the mail on the same day.  I ordered him two pairs.  And it is a struggle to get them off of him in the mornings.  He may end up at school in PJs one day soon.

And now I have to go get myself ready for work and think up a good reason for him to take off his choo choo PJs.  Grandmas - if you come across any Thomas shirts, send them our way.  I'll pay you for them.



  2. Ok, that wasn't my favorite. But we got one at Target, and I think they have a lot more! Thomas is a favorite here too!