Sunday, May 27, 2012

Forest Adventure

I was given some really important advice recently.  I was told to show my son how much I love him by showing him how much I love his dad.  What he meant was:  Let Brendan stay with someone else while we take time to be together.  So Brendan went to daycare Friday, and Tom and I went zip lining.

I was so scared I wanted to back out.

You get instructions on how to hook yourself on to the lines, they make you do a practice, and then you're off.  As in on your own.  I thought there would be an attendant at each spot to verify that you have hooked yourself in properly.  Not the case.

And the lines were higher up that either of us expected.

And we're off!

Obviously, I did not die, and we both loved it.

There was more than just zip this weird bouncy bridge.

We thought we were finished, and then found the Adventure Course.

It's very difficult to really understand what this first station in the Adventure Course was.  I climbed right up, not sure what I was supposed to do.  I got to the top and the man up there hooked me in.  I asked him what I was supposed to do and he said, "Jump."  I thought he was nuts.  You jump off the highest platform on the pole and swing into the cargo net.  I asked him if I could climb back down the ladder.  It took me a few minutes, but I knew if I didn't do it, I would be sorry.  So I did.  And it scared me to death.

Videos in case you are interested....

Thomas and Erin

We followed up our forest adventure with yakiniku for lunch.

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