Monday, May 14, 2012

Feels Like Summer!

Daddy had to work for a few hours on Saturday but thought he'd be able to meet up with us by lunch.  So Brendan and I decided to stay pretty close to home.  We headed to the zoo with one thing in mind:  riding the choo choo.

You have to get a ticket out of the machine in order to ride the train.  Brendan knows exactly where to go to get his ticket, and he knows exactly who to give it to.  In between rides he watched it go by.
We have no idea why he sticks his chin out like this.

After about four rides on the choo choo I convinced him to go see the horses.  He said he wanted to ride.
We waited in line behind four other kids and he kept telling me, "My turn."

They were trying to explain to him that he needed to hold onto the reins, and considering the language barrier, they were doing a good job.  But he took one look around and had one word to say:  "Down."

And that was the end of that.

Since last week was Kodomo No Hi, there were koinobori all over the place.

And now that the weather is warm, no trip to the zoo is complete without some shaved ice!

After he got up from his nap, Brendan had his first experience with the sprinkler.

Here's a link to a video, in case you're interested.

And then somebody had the bright idea to hand him the sprayer.

I had to go inside and take these from behind the glass door after he sprayed me and my camera.

Mother's Day photos to follow!

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