Monday, May 7, 2012


Any time we ask him what he wants to do, his response is always the same:  "Play!"

We went outside to play one night after work last week.  Tom went inside to make dinner and Brendan and I stayed outside looking at bugs.  He's fascinated by spiders, although he usually says, "Ew! Yucky!"  He likes to let ladybugs crawl on his hands.  He was really excited when I touched this moth and we watched it fly around.

If we ask him if he wants to watch a movie, his answer will always be "Thomas!"

Dad downloaded him a Thomas movie from itunes.  We ordered him some DVDs over the weekend.  His most recent obsession was Barney.  As soon as I ordered a bunch of DVDs for him, he decided he prefers Thomas.  Some of the Barney movies aren't even open.  I hope he doesn't do the same thing again.

He loves choo choo trains so much that Tom just ordered him a train set.

When he rides on Daddy, he yells, "Yeehaw!"

Saturday morning these boys went for a bike ride to the playground before they even ate breakfast.

Mommy had to follow them and bring some cereal.

One more question we always know the answer to.  If we're out and we ask him what he wants to eat, his response is always "'Donald's!"


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