Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Little Trooper

As anyone with a baby knows, babies are a lot of work. Emphasis on A LOT. Of course, it's all totally worth it. These days I no longer enjoy meals in restaurants because I'm too busy entertaining a baby. It's more relaxing for me to cook dinner at home. However, whenever I need him to cooperate, Brendan never lets me down.

My breast pump has been on the fritz lately. Yesterday I picked up the baby from daycare and he was in an extra good mood. We headed straight to Walmart to buy a new pump. I found the one I wanted online and the website said it was in stock. We went straight to the nursing section and I snatched up the one pump they had left. The box felt a little light. It was empty. Someone had stolen the breast pump. Who does that?? Anyway, Brendan was good the whole time we were in the store trying to track down someone to help us. You know how Walmart is. We ended up finding a nice lady who, once she saw the tears of frustration in my eyes, found the same pump at the Walmart across town. And when I told her I had somewhere to be and no time to drive across town, she said she would go get it, pay for it, and bring it back. And give me a $10 gift card. There are still nice people in this world.

We went out to dinner with some friends of ours who are moving to Germany. After dinner, the nice lady from Walmart called and said she was on the way back to the store. We headed there and ended up beating her. We didn't get out of Walmart until after 8. Brendan is typically in bed by 7:30. He did not even complain one time. Never fails - he is always good when I need him to be. And when we got stuck in the Atlanta airport and didn't get home until after midnight? Not one complaint from that boy. So I'll take the extra work. And I'll be grateful for it.

Switching gears, we headed to the playground Sunday afternoon. The rain beat us there so we had to sit under the picnic shelter for a bit.

We found out there that Brendan likes sweet tea. Surprise, surprise. Mommy and Daddy do, too.

And after the quick shower, Brendan got to swing. He still enjoys it.

This morning Brendan was again up shortly after 5. It was 5:17 to be exact. I got up and we hung out for a little while. Then I sat him in his blue chair to watch Sesame Street. And for the first time, I left him watching TV to lie back down in bed. That lasted 10 minutes before he realized I wasn't there. Daddy went and got him and brought him back into our room. The three of us snuggled in the bed until he went back to sleep. Of course, by then, I had to get in the shower. When I came out of the bathroom I was greeted by this:

What a cutie.

And tonight when it was time for bed, he passed out on my shoulder while I was walking him around his room. He looked so sweet I needed to get his picture.

Like I said in the beginning, all the extra work? Totally worth it.

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