Sunday, August 15, 2010

A "Novel" Post

It's been a busy week. Or two. I can't remember when I last posted. Part of that is the fact that Tom monopolizes the laptop. When I do have a rare opportunity to use it, I'm usually too tired during the week to fool with it. So we'll play catch up.

Last weekend Kirsten and Makayla were here. Makayla used to sleep in on Saturdays until around 9 or 10. This past Saturday she was up with me and Brendan a little after 7. Since they are an hour behind us, that means she was really up around 6 a.m. Crazy. I asked her recently why she gets up so early these days. She shrugged her shoulders and said, "To see Peanut, I guess."
She quite obviously adores him.

After she fed Brendan, Makayla went to take a shower. And proceeded to flood the bathroom. I keep the shower curtain outside of the tub when I bathe the baby. Makayla didn't bother to put it where it was supposed to go. Normally, the water would be spraying straight down and not directly out onto the floor. If that had been the case, no big deal. That I could forgive. However, she stood in the shower with the nozzle obviously spraying out and did not bother to call for any help. Her reasoning was simply that she couldn't reach it. So she tried to position her scrawny body against the edge of the tub to get under the water, even though most of it was pooling on the floor. Kids. Annoyed was definitely not the word. At least it was just water, and even though it was an inconvenience, it did clean up.

We went to Sears Saturday morning to get professional pictures of the three kids together. Surprisingly enough, they were all on their best behavior. We didn't even have any meltdowns over what they would wear. It was most definitely a success. We also did some shopping that day, which did not go so well. But we won't get into that.

We spent the rest of the weekend just hanging out...
...playing some video games...

...watching some tube...

...playing with the baby...

...and riding bikes.

 And more playing with the baby.

Meal time has gotten messier and messier.

As evidenced by the green beans on this kid's forehead. And up his nose. And in his ears.

I am trying to teach him not to blow raspberries while he eats. Mommy does not enjoy wearing Brendan's carrots.

But it is certainly difficult to be annoyed longer than about three seconds when your baby has such a cute face. And when he flashes you a grin just because you're his mommy.

Around here bath time is enjoyed by all.

I love it when he smiles so big that his eyes shut.


Brendan wore these super cute overalls the other day. And even though I was running late, I just HAD to get his picture.

This weekend has been quiet. We started it out back at the doctor's office. Nothing major. Just a cold.

Nothing that some extra fluids and some extra snuggles won't cure.

This morning Brendan was wide awake a little after 5 a.m. I tried to get him back to sleep. To no avail.

This is Brendan watching Sprout before it was even light outside.

And here he is helping Dad in the kitchen a little later.

He was in charge of making the coffee.

That's a coffee filter on his head.

Best coffee I ever had.

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