Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Seven Months

Where has the time gone? It is difficult for me to fathom that our baby boy is ALREADY seven months old!
He woke up awfully perky this morning.

Back pedaling a little bit, we had a good weekend with all of our kids.

Here's Makayla Friday night. She must have had a rough week at school. That's what happens when you get a naughty note the first week.
Isn't she the spitting image of Cindy Brady???

Saturday morning Brendan helped Kirsten play video games.

Makayla told us she felt left out because everyone else could carry Brendan except for her. So I decided to let her. Under close supervision. She was thrilled.
He's almost as big as she is.

We headed down the street to pick some grapes. Brendan made friends with the nice lady there and she kept him in the shade while we picked.

Daddy sure does love his (not so) little girls.

We saw some farm animals...

...and my first pomegranate tree.

Brendan stayed at home Saturday afternoon while the rest of us went to see the new Nanny McPhee.

Thank goodness Makayla didn't want to bust Nanny McPhee's you-know-what this time.
Popcorn eating machine
Bless her heart - she was so disappointed when she realized we didn't get the refillable bucket of popcorn.

Since we had already been to the movies, Saturday night turned into game night.
This was the Trouble championship. One of the rules - if you whine, you're out.

Sunday was a lazy morning. And if you don't believe that Tom is a laptop hog (the reason for my infrequent posts), just look at this picture.

He takes it to bed with him!

Tom and Kirsten went fishing Sunday. If you know me, you know I don't go anywhere if there are worms involved. Makayla and I stayed at home. Brendan took a nap so we played some games. She first kicked my butt at Candyland. And then Memory.

These three were left without a match.

My pile on the left, hers on the right. Sad, huh?

This was her victory dance. Nothing like rubbing it in.

Brendan knows when it's eatin' time. And he can't stand for everyone else to eat while he watches. So I got him a hunk of banana and put it in this mesh feeder.
He went to town. That banana was demolished.

He loves his sisters. He finds them endlessly entertaining.
Especially that little one.

I found this little guy hiding in our bedroom. I guess he needed some peace and quiet.

And how about this for a teaser...our little peanut can now sit up. More on that later.

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  1. 7 months already??!? You're getting too big, Brendan! Cute pics. XO