Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fabulous Weekend

At 5:50 Saturday morning Brendan decided he was ready to start his day. Which meant it was time to start mine as well. After getting a bottle for him and coffee for me and doing some (very loud) playing, we went for a walk so that everyone else could sleep for a little while. I was SO excited to have to put a jacket on us. Finally, the weather is cooling off! I have spent my last summer in Valdosta. Thank goodness.

After we got home it was time for some real breakfast, which Makayla wanted to feed Brendan. It was highly entertaining.

This one is not a morning person. As evidenced Sunday morning when she announced that the baby screamed "all night long" and she didn't get ANY sleep. Not totally true. He did wake up once during the night and he did scream for a few minutes until I made my way into his room with a bottle. And he was up, screaming happily this time, at 6:45. But that was it. Anyway, I laughed and told her she should look somewhere else if she wanted sympathy because she sure wouldn't find any here! She asked how I could be so cheerful after getting up with him during the night. I told her that you get used to it. And I made sure to emphasize that she needs to remember these times when she one day decides she wants a baby.

This one could sleep through a herd of elephants stampeding through her room. Literally. And she almost always wakes up chipper.

Having older siblings definitely has its perks. Example:  The baby wakes up from his nap. "Kirsten, can you go get the baby and bring him in here?"

We were the first customers at the pumpkin patch (and I use the term "patch" loosely) this year. We actually got there as they were unloading the truck.

We went bowling with our friend Mary and her four (!) kids, who are very well behaved, and a good influence on our girls. Not everyone wants their kids plastered on the internet so I am not posting those pictures. Brendan was good at the bowling alley. And the bowling trip ended with ice cream. Before dinner. Good thing we were invited to tag along with Mary and her troops or the Jones family would not have gotten any ice cream.

Makayla asked if she could ride the electric scooter and her dad told her that she could but that she had to go inside and put on socks and shoes instead of flip flops. This is what she came out wearing on her feet. It. Was. Hilarious.
He meant tennis shoes.

And then she said she was trying to break a world record for the "one leg." I didn't know there was a record for that....
Before anyone asks, no she did not bust her butt. Surprisingly enough, I don't think she has ever bit the dust while riding that thing.

This guy came out for a visit while they were at the playground.

Brendan likes the cats, although I don't think the feeling is mutual. They don't mind him unless he pulls their hair. But when he sees them lately he grins really big. It's adorable.

We had such a good weekend together. Everyone behaved and there were no meltdowns. We are looking forward to the next two weekends. SOMEBODY has a birthday Friday, and the next weekend we will be in Florida for Kirsten's soccer game. Brendan got the tubes put in his ears today. No, I did not take the camera. It was more traumatic for Tom and me than it was for him. But he was fabulous and seems to be feeling just fine now. Thank you, God, for getting our baby (and us) through it.

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