Wednesday, October 20, 2010


This weekend we headed out of town to Kirsten's soccer tournament.

Our "room" was way more than we expected. We basically stayed in a house. That happened to be on the water. This was our view Saturday morning.

We had a playground right out back, featuring Brendan's favorite:  the swing.

 Kirsten played three games in one weekend. And she plays full games. I have no idea how she has the stamina. But then, I wouldn't know how. You don't have to know me very well to know that I don't do sports.

I was wishing I had a zoom lens. I had to take what I could get when they played on our end of the field.

During the first game, she scored her team's only goal.

This is one of my favorites. The girl is not afraid to go after the ball. I wish I had gotten a shot of her when she shoved another girl down. And then looked around to see if anyone noticed.

Needless to say, I was exhausted simply from watching. Oh, and I was exhausted from trying to keep an eye on this.....

and entertaining this.....

I had to try to pay attention to what was going on during the game, and watch Makayla doing cheers.

And of course I made time for pictures of the little cutie.

While the team practiced we took Brendan and Makayla to the playground.

Our intention was to let Makayla slide down the slide, while holding Brendan on her lap. Little did we know, she thought he could go down by himself.

And there he went. Luckily, neither of them got hurt.

And this time she got it right.

Our weekends with the girls right now are bittersweet. We are trying to soak up every minute that we have with them. Our days here are numbered. The two of them are nothing, if not entertaining, and we had a fantastic time with them. There's just something about being "on vacation" that makes people act better. Even if it is a mini vacation.

Here are just a couple more highlights.

Makayla was a huge help keeping him entertained. He loves her. He loves to watch her and she can always make him smile.

I spy some good looking legs in the background.
And to say that she loves him back would be a complete understatement.

She ADORES him. Tom asked her if she would take him home if she could. Without hesitation, she said yes.

I have one more week of work left. I'm definitely ready to get it done. Only one more week until I can stay home with this guy. Can't wait.

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