Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fashion Show

While Grandma Weber was in town, she took the girls shopping. What a brave woman. When we go shopping as a family, we typically walk into the store and I hear Tom say, "I'm bailing," and then I don't see him again for a while, leaving me with two very indecisive girls. I did hear Grandma lay down the law before she left so apparently it was a pretty successful trip. We were then treated to a fashion show.

As you can see, neither of them is camera shy.

And here are Daddy and Brendan taking in the show.

Makayla straightened up her part of the girls' room and as her reward, she got to straighten my shoes. Seriously, this is not a punishment. She loves to do it. I once put her in timeout on our bed and when I went back to get her after the five minutes Supernanny said to give her, she was gone. She had closed herself inside our walk-in closet and was happy as a clam organizing my shoes.

She does a great job, doesn't she?

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