Thursday, July 8, 2010

Last Day at the Beach

On our last day, we decided we'd had enough beach time so we headed to Fat Daddy's Arcade. The girls each got $10 worth of tokens and we sent them on their way.

The $10 lasted approximately 10 minutes.

And let's not forget the biggest kid of all. He needed some tokens, too.

Or the littlest.

He figured out he could prop those feet up on the stroller tray.

The worst part of these places is waiting on Kirsten and Makayla to figure out just which treasures to get with the tickets they won. While we waited, we occupied ourselves with pictures.

They finally made their decisions. It was difficult. And for approximately $30, this is what we got.

In case you need some clarification, that's two giant Pixy Stix, two bracelets, a plastic ring, three pieces of candy, an icky eyeball, and a bottle of lizard slime.

After the rip roaring good time we had at the arcade, we headed back to the Crab Trap, which easily became our favorite place in Destin.

I love that Brendan and I could sit in the shade on the boardwalk while the girls played on the playground and in the surf. Then it was just a short walk to the restaurant.

Unfortunately, I ended up being too preoccupied to get pictures of the girls with their crab legs. Which, surprisingly, they both demolished. But after we ate I did manage to get a few pictures of this sweet thing.

And that was how we chose to end our vacation.

I think, in the end, a good time was had by all.


  1. Whose idea was it to give him the lemon? That's common! (Reminds me of the first time Denis came to America. Andrei and I gave him one and told him it was an orange!)

  2. It was Tom's. We gave him one last night, too and he didn't even make a face.