Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lazy Days

This weekend was spent quietly at home. Just the way I'd prefer it after a long week at work. It was my first full week in quite some time and I have to get used to this five day work week again.

Brendan also developed a fever. His first one. We pumped him full of fluids, and he has learned to hold his bottle on his own.

Daddy and Brendan got to spend lots of time together since it was just the three of us at home.

Saturday night was terrible. Thankfully, Brendan woke up Sunday in much better spirits and much cooler to the touch. Thank goodness for Tylenol. He looks like he never felt bad at all.

He played in his high chair for quite some time after breakfast.

This jumping toy has been sitting in the corner collecting dust. Kind of like our treadmill except this thing has not yet been relegated to the garage. Thankfully, he finally seems to enjoy it.

Kody and Sophie enjoy their naps on Brendan's play mat when it is not in use.

I originally put the baby in this toy while it was in its normal spot in the corner. Tom made me move it because "nobody puts Baby in the corner."

Obviously, the fever didn't phase him much.

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