Friday, July 30, 2010

6 Months

So much has changed in the past six months. My tiny newborn has blossomed into an active baby. He's so happy, for the most part, and for that I am definitely grateful. He has developed so much personality. He doesn't even mind long as Mommy or Daddy is around. He now grins when he sees that we are there to pick him up from daycare. When he was tiny I couldn't wait for the day that he would flash me a huge smile when I got there. Now I wish I could make him tiny again! Enough sap. Here are some photos, along with some commentary, from our last week or so.

This is the outfit Brendan wore home from the hospital. It was HUGE on him. Completely swallowed him whole. What a difference 6 months make. We got this comparison idea from Carrie.

And he spent the vast majority of his first few weeks in these t-shirts. I remember washing all of his newborn clothes and wondering if they would be too small. I had no idea how tiny my baby would be! Six pounds is not much at all.

In honor of his six month "birthday," Brendan got his first piece of cake.

I must say he was not too impressed.

Definitely not the face of a chocolate lover. I wondered, "Is this really MY child?"

Sometimes once this sweet boy has fallen asleep I have a hard time putting him to bed. I want to snuggle and cuddle him while he still lets me. 

Brendan went to daycare one day this week in these adorable overalls. And when I picked him up and he STILL had them on (he dirties at least one outfit every day), I knew it was a sign that we should have a little photo session.


This boy loves his daddy. His whole face lights up when he sees him. It's precious. And Daddy feels the same way.

We're practicing sitting up. Not quite there yet. I got this shot "mid-topple." That's why it's so blurry.
We had a good time playing on the floor together.

One night this week Brendan was supposed to be playing while I made dinner. I caught him watching TV instead.
And then he noticed me noticing him.
And here is the crazy cat. Brendan and I were playing and I had the TV on for background noise. Sophie noticed the birds.

Finally, one of my favorite baby parts.

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  1. Awww, I miss this little guy. Such cutie pie!