Friday, July 16, 2010


Brendan got another new food last weekend:  pears.

As you've all seen, he's an excellent eater. I haven't yet given him anything that he will not eat. And he eats it all with relish. When I picked him up this afternoon, I asked, "Did you eat all your food today?" and Ms. Loretta replied, "Of course." Duh. That goes without saying.

And Mommy and Daddy got to go on a date, thanks to Grandma.

Makayla did not go, and yes, I am getting new makeup since my face is quite obviously eight shades lighter than the rest of me.

On our last day of the visit with Grandma and the girls, we decided to take the entire family to the playground. It only lasted a few minutes since it was boiling hot. Brendan did enjoy the swing (again).

And Makayla enjoyed pushing him.

Until she thought it might be fun to twist the swing. And then I made her stop.

Even the big kid got in a little play time.

Brendan also enjoys swinging in someone's lap.

He looks like a pro. He knows exactly where he's supposed to hold on.

And here are a few random pictures. Just because they're cute.

She promptly got down when he got a fist full of her hair.

One of my personal favorites. There's nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby.

This one would be frame worthy if it weren't for that drool.

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