Sunday, April 10, 2011

Time To Play Catch Up

How did I keep my house running, my child clean, and my blog updated when I was working? I have no idea. Since blogging isn't really a necessity, this blog has suffered since I went back to work. I have been getting requests from family for a new post. Here goes.

First off, I forgot to post these funny pictures. I think these are from the weekend before I went back to work.

Our family loves dogs. I would love to have one for Brendan but I don't need anything else to take care of. Plus, we just recently moved across the globe with two cats. I don't relish the thought of making that trip with any more pets when it's time to move back to the States. For now, we'll satisfy ourselves with other people's dogs.

Last weekend we rode the Ferris Wheel. I normally hate them. They always look rickety and I hate being stuck at the top. When we were little Mom took Adam and me on one. They had to stop it and get us off. Anyway, the one in American Village is huge. It's on top of a three-story building so you're already way up high. It stays in constant motion so there is no getting stuck at the top. It was such a smooth ride. Unfortunately, I had forgotten to charge the camera battery so I didn't get many pictures.

No trip to American Village is complete without a visit to Yogurt Land. Sorry, no photos. And then we saw these ladies on our way back to the car.

I think I've mentioned a few times that Brendan is not interested in reading books. I picked him up from daycare one day this week and his report said, "Brendan enjoyed books today." You could have knocked me over with a feather. This is what it's like when we try to read to him.

Complete. Lack. Of. Interest.

Maybe the CDC is helping with that. Since he started daycare, when we're at home Brendan likes to have one of us close by. As in close enough to touch. This means one of us usually fixes dinner while the other sits on the floor while Brendan plays. He doesn't want to play with us, but he sure wants to make sure we stay close. Yesterday I was sitting on the floor reading my own book when Brendan brought Barnyard Dance to me. Of course, I put down my book (Water for Elephants) to read his to him. I had to read quickly, but he did sit through it.

His daddy hates to read. He is gone for work right now. He picked up a book the other day so he would look smart on the plane. Here he is practicing.

Since we knew he was leaving today we just hung around the house yesterday. Tom did some vacuuming, and Brendan helped.

Bragging rights go to whoever can guess what show is on our TV.

We had an incident last week. I picked him up from daycare and he had some kid's teeth marks on his arm. Mama was not happy. And neither was Daddy when he saw it. We've addressed the problem and he hasn't been bit again (yet). I sure hope he doesn't learn to be the biter. I told Tom that if he gets bit again I hope he scratches the kid. I don't really, but it's hard not to feel that way. At least, I hope that's a normal feeling.

Have I mentioned that I think we have a daredevil on our hands?

He loves to pop a wheely. He loves to go fast. He loves sound effects.

And he hates when the ride is over.

Daddy started giving him bubbles in the bath sometimes.

He can take 'em or leave 'em but Tom and I find them quite hilarious.

Summer has pretty much arrived here. Yesterday we went to the playground, along with a hundred other people. I couldn't get any pictures of Brendan playing because I was too busy making sure he didn't get trampled.

More bubbles....

...and a bubble butt.

I'm sorry, son, I couldn't resist. I'm sure you'll hate me for this one day.

Happy Monday!


  1. Super Why :) Gotta love PBS kids and Super You with the Power to Help! :) Great pictures! As the mother of a biter and the mother of a victim, hang in there. It's so upsetting seeing the marks on your child, and for the child who's biting's parents, its embarassing and you want nothing more for your child to stop biting people. Hope he doesn't get bit anymore. Hang in there!