Sunday, April 17, 2011

Up To No Good

We never made it to the playground. After his nap and our trip to the grocery store it was too late for the playground. Instead, we went for a walk along the sea wall so we (I) could see part of the sunset.

Of course, I was more interested in you-know-who than I was in the sunset.

I decided to get him out of the stroller and let him play. My intention was for him to chase these bubbles.

He said he'd rather play with the stroller.

Where did my little baby disappear to?

I bet you can't guess what happened when it was time for him to get back in it.


Switching gears......

We killed time at home this morning while waiting for noon to go see....the Easter Bunny!!

These pictures are terrible. I keep waiting for the ones they took there to be uploaded to the website.

He had on his cute Timberlands. I'm so annoyed that I cut them off.

Happy Easter!


Somebody's up to no good.

Excuse me, son, but I don't believe these items were intended to be used that way.

He has a hard time behaving himself. Click here to see him go back and forth between dancing and being naughty.

And click here to see the cutest video ever.

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